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What Our Students Have to Say

Dog Would Panic When I Left The House

I was so happy to find this course. It was heartbreaking when I was about to leave home as I could see my puppy panicking, pacing and yelping. I know he had separation anxiety but had no idea how to deal with it until I found your course. Thank you so much for creating this course. I have been working through it for a few weeks now and I know what signals I am sending out to indicate I am about to leave so I have changed up my routine. I have also worked on leaving him progressively for longer and longer times but this still a work in progress as I have only really just started to follow your protocol. Again, thank you.
Lisa Robert
Student, Mission Possible
Max Has Separation Anxiety

I recently took the online course on separation anxiety. My world had become quite limited after adopting my dog Max. Max has separation anxiety and Addison’s a medical condition where he becomes ill if he is under stress for long periods of time. I didn’t know how I would ever get my life back and not be house bound with my dog. Groceries were gotten late at night or first thing in the morning. Going out became a thing of the past. After taking the online course, I now have hope that Max’s separation anxiety can be helped. Max and I are working through this together and his triggers are starting to fade into the past. I now have the tools for us to be successful and the hope that we will get there in the near future.
Student, Mission Possible
Life Changer For Us

We were able to get our freedom back by changing our expectations and our behaviors through this course. It is written in a no-nonsense way that doesn’t talk down to the readers. For motivated dog parents that have these challenges, this is a way to make life manageable again. We go out now and have a happy dog awaiting us. A miracle, truly.
Lisa Robert
Student, Mission Possible
Thank You For Creating Course

I am so happy that you have created this course. I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed by the amount of information about separation anxiety on the web. I didn’t know where to begin. Your course, however, offered a practical and scientific approach to treating SA, and after taking it, I felt confident that I could start my own training with the right tools. I also liked that it allowed me to work independently, as I have a good understanding of my dog’s body language, and enjoy working with data. We are over one week into our desensitization program, and I am already seeing small improvements – and for my SA dog, small changes are a BIG deal. I can’t wait to see what the following weeks bring.
Natalie & Elliott
Students, Mission Possible